At Living Faith we exist to intentionally grow in God, serve our community, and share the gospel.

As we prayed over and built our mission statement, we realized we could do nothing unless we were connected and listening to God. Our mission to grow in God is the most important thing we do through Prayer and Bible Study. Another important factor in this growth is discipleship.  We are committed to sharing the gospel (encouraging and growing) with each other, those we share life with and those God puts in our path. Finally, as God’s love overflows in our lives, we serve our community so Jesus will be glorified.

Here are a few of the things we value most:

We will fight to surrender ourselves to Jesus. We commit to seek him and be found by Him in any way short of sin.

A Relationship with Jesus
Our relationship with Jesus goes beyond the pages of the Bible and the Sabbath day. It’s in our faces, hearts, and lives, every day of the week.

The body of Christ needs all of its parts. Diversity strengthens and completes us.

We reject the do-what-is-convenient, say-anything-to-get-what-you-want values of post-modern society. We are sold out for Christ.

Unconditional Love
We accept anyone, anywhere, anytime, and in any form with open arms. Through Christ’s love we encourage all to become better versions of themselves.

Fellowship & Family
As a church family, we uplift, we embrace, and energize all people from the cradle to the grave.